Producer Highlights

Le Miccine – Tuscany, Italy


Canadian/Scots Paula makes real, hand-crafted,
artisanal, organic wines from hillside vineyards
in one of the most sought after Classico sub zones



Juan Carlos Sancha –
Rioja, Spain


Professor of eonology in Rioja,
Juan Carlos specialises in rescuing
grape varieties from extinction
and producing terroir specific
VERY old vine Garnacha.



Hanewald-Schwerdt –
Pfalz, Germany


Small production, family made Riesling and Pinot Noir from limestone soils in the Pfalz.



Principiano – Piemonte, Italy


Ferdinando Principiano makes pure and balanced wines,
nurturing the vineyard soil and rejecting the use of artificial
fertilisers and pesticides to give the correct conditions for
the vine to thrive, making wines in harmony with the land he loves.




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