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The Exceptional

Don Sutcliffe, managing director of Craft Distillers, first discussed collaborating on a whisky project with Willie Philips. However it took until 2010 for the duo to start seriously working on turning their dream into reality. Together they have incredible experience in the drinks industry, with Sutcliffe having worked in the spirits industry for 35 years, whilst Phillips was managing director of The Macallan between 1978 and 1996.

Don and Willie blend aged whiskies from selected barrels from different distilleries, which have been picked according to their individualistic nature, purity of flavour and unique characteristics. What makes them unique is that rather than sticking to prearranged styles and seeking consistency year to year, The Exceptional Whisky Company will offer unique whiskies upon each release, all of which will be determined by their own qualitative and stylistic distinction.

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