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Piedra Fluida – Tenerife, Canary Islands

The Piedra Fluida project came into being with the 2018 vintage with the aim of being a guardian of biodiversity. It is a core part of founder, Mr. Felix Becker’s, strategy to protect and strengthen the conservation of the natural environment and generate economic development in the Canary Islands. This encompasses agricultural production, organic products, livestock production, restoration, ecotourism real estate and organic wine production. 26 hectares of ancient, high altitude, un-grafted vines stretching up to the highest vineyards in Europe at 1687 metres. The indigenous red grape, Lista Negro, is planted on the northern slopes with the whites, made from Listan Blanco, the local name for Palomino, planted in the drier, higher Southern side. Vineyards are tended in the ancestral way – by hand and animal – with no machine access possible to these old parcels and terroirs.

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