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“It looks like a wine shop, it smells like a wine shop, but it feels… well, different. I’m seduced, I want to buy”
Joe Fattorini, Herald magazine

• 850 wines on
the shelves

• Over 100 wines
between £5 and £8

• Over 2000 wines
in our 2 warehouses

• 3 great locations

• 99 craft beers

• Artisanal spirits range
including 40 gins

• 75+ tastings and
masterclasses every year


2005 saw us open our shop in Bridge of Allan blissfully focussed on stocking only great bottles of wine produced by great people. Wine is a product based purely on enjoyment  – primarily yours – and we revel in enhancing your pleasure to pound ratio.
We are proud to know that every day since then we have always looked to engage our customers in fruitful discussions about wine (and sometimes beyond). We love to know about their likes, dislikes and discoveries.

Likewise, it’s great to be able to talk about the wines that are exciting to us. After all, it’s a big world out there.  This discourse, along with the wonderful wines we share with them lets us point them in new (and perhaps unexpected) directions. They get to select from all that we can offer and we get to know what they like. And when we know what they like we can deliver more of it. Stimulating quality and value in every bottle.


This approach has seen us grow: our Bridge of Allan shop moved from its original location to larger premises and we opened both our Edinburgh and Inverness stores. Each store has over 750 wines selected from our complete range of more than 2000. Irrespective of the country, style, price, or colour, each and everyone means something to us. You remember the joy of discovering a great bottle and the very real human pleasure of sharing it don’t you? Well, that’s what we do. You will always find us ready to talk to you about your wine needs and we always have a bottle or two open that we’d like to share. The last Friday of every month we take this a step further with our Friday Tasting Club and also run frequent courses and winemaker hosted events.

In all our specialist retail branches, we have the Coravin wine preservation system, allowing our customers to sample an ever-changing range of premium wines. Follow this link to learn more and find out what’s on tasting in your nearest branch.

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