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Crisp Italian, Lithe Sangiovese, Creamy Gin, Esoteric South Africans

Smiley Wines – Swartland, South Africa

A new WoodWinters exclusive! Trail blazing maverick winemaking in South Africa, both esoteric and accessible.

Arbikie Kirsty’s Gin
Four generations have farmed the Arbikie Estate, bringing us this creamy Gin with kelp, thistle and blaeberries.

Recchia Bianco di Custoza
A refreshing, crisp, white Italian blend from the shores of lake Garda displaying leafy citrus and hints of pear.

Tenuta Mara Guiry
The glorious biodynamic second wine of Emilia-Romagna’s MaraMia, this is a lithe, juicy, transluscent Sangiovese.

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