The Friday Cut

Galloway Gin, Piemonte Sparkling, Zesty Spaniard, 24 GINS!!!

Gin Advent Calendar

24 Gins!!! From Yuzu to love, spit-roasted pineapple to proper pink, smoked, monastic and double-barreled (phew!)

Alma das Donas Godello
A clean, fresh Spanish white from 50 year old vines. Intense, fruity and mineral with floral and ripe fruit notes.

Hills & Harbour Gin
Beautiful new bottle – same great Galloway Gin. Bladderwrack and mango in perfect harmony (and juniper of course).

Principiano Sparkling
60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay, Italian Piemonte fizz. Feel the grapes and the terroir… not the method.

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