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Family Bourgogne, Provençal Rosé, Unconventional Malt, Artisan Proseccos

Case Paolin – Veneto, Italy

From vineyards worked by the family since the 1700’s they produce artisan red, white and (rich, dry and fine) Proseccos.

Château St-Pierre ‘Prieur’
Few things say summer more than Provençal rosé. Delicate rose and almond aromas with a palate of smoky raspberry.
Terreaux Bourgogne Blanc
A lightly oaked Chardonnay from a family Domaine in Burgundy, bottle age has lent this wine soft pineapple and honey notes.
Loch Lomond Inchmoan 12yo
A blend from different stills creates a delightfully unconventional array of soft peat, vanilla, mint and wood.
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