Producer Highlights

Agathe Bursin – Alsace, France


Organic and Biodynamic. Tiny quantities of whites from
fresh and saline to unctuous and rich. Buy before they’re gone.




Castello di Potentino –
Tuscany, Italy


Nestled in a hidden valley just to the south of
Montalcino, the sun, volcanic soil and cooling
influence of the mountain creates an ideal
microclimate for the vines.



Château Jean Voisin –
Bordeaux, France


Juicy, succulent and sturdy
claret from their 14 hectare
vineyard surrounding the
Château in Saint-Émilion.



Lopez de Heredia – Rioja, Spain


One of the great wine estates not just of Spain but of the world.
These complex fruited, savoury, elegant reds are the epitome
of old school class.



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