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Sette – Piemonte, Italy

Our great friend Gino is one of the 3 friends also including star winemaker Gian Luca Colombo, that came together in 2017 to tend the vines to craft the wine from a splendid vineyard in Nizza Monferrato. They take their name from the mysitcalk number ‘7’, sette in Italian. This is the prime region for Barbera and one of the communes of the Nizza DOCG. Five and a half hectares of well-ventilated hillside vines aged between 20 and 80 years farmed organically. Vineyards are at around 280m and composed of a mix of limestone, chalk, silicates and grey marls. Production of their 7 wines averages around 30 000 bottles. Like us these are people infused in the world of wine and it’s no surprise that their efforts result in delicious wines to fall in love with.
They sum themselves up in this way:

“Sette is of no use to anyone, one vine, the Barbera that is of no use to anyone. Two denominations, Barbera d’Asti and Nizza that could easily find no place in the wine lists of 99 of the 100 Italian provinces. Sette has no historical link with the territory that hosts it, no grandfather who left the vineyards, no country house with a vineyard from which the grapes were obtained to be sold to the social cellar. Sette is a beautiful vineyard of almost 6 hectares in the heart of Bricco di Nizza with which we have fallen madly in love, taken over from a previous conventional agricultural management and currently under bio and biodynamic management. Sette is wines that nobody needs, so we make them as we please”.

Which just makes us love them more.

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